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How do I make changes to my employees' profiles?
How do I make changes to my employees' profiles?

How to edit employee profiles either individually or in bulk.

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If you keep your employees' profiles up to date, they will be able to see accurate information and calculations on their accounts. This is an important part of the Maji experience as it will help the employees make informed decisions about their money.

You can update employee profiles one by one, or in bulk.

To update an employee’s profile as an individual, go to the Employees panel and click the three dots to the right of their information. Select ‘Edit’. You can then change the details on their profile. Make sure you click ‘Finish and update this employee’ to save.

To edit in bulk, select ‘Bulk edit’ from the top right hand corner of the Employees panel. You should download the existing employee details and a blank version of the upload sheet. You only need to add information for those employees you want to edit.

You must use their NI number and pension scheme reference. Otherwise, you only need to include the information you wish to edit, or information that is dependent upon this.

Note that if you are changing a pension contribution amount, it will go through as a change request in the list of approved changes for payroll. Therefore, it won't appear on their profile until the nominated payroll date.

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