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How do I add a new employee?
How do I add a new employee?

How to add one new joiner

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If you want to add one employee, you can do so by completing their profile directly on the platform.

Most pension schemes are set up on a ‘qualifying earnings’ basis, but some may be on ‘full salary’. You should select the basis appropriate for this employee.

If the employee has opted out of the pension scheme OR is on postponement, you should tick the box to say they are not part of the scheme.

If they are in the scheme, you should enter their contribution rates. If you are running a salary exchange scheme, you should still enter their contribution rates separately as employee and employer. This rate should be the whole amount going into the pot (in a relief at source scheme, 5% will be made up from 4% contribution and 1% tax relief - on Maji this should be represented as the whole 5%).

If the employee is eligible for salary exchange, that message will appear at the top of the salary exchange section. You can select to offer them the opportunity to take part, and you can choose whether you are asking them to opt in or opt out.

If you are ready to invite the employee to create their Maji account, you can tick this box. Once you save the profile, it will automatically send the invitation to them. If you aren’t ready yet, leave the box unticked when you save the profile. You can come back later to tick the box and update the profile, which will then send their invitation.

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