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Managing pension contribution changes
How do I process employee requests to change their pension contributions?
How do I process employee requests to change their pension contributions?
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When an employee makes a request to change their contribution level, they receive an email to confirm that the request has been sent to you.

The request is sent to your designated contact.

You will need to log in and approve the request on your Maji portal. Your portal will show details including the date your employee requested the change, and the date it is due to be implemented in payroll.

When you approve the request, an email is sent to the employee to let them know.

The request will then show as 'Accepted (awaiting activation)' until the date you've set for changes to be applied. At this point it will move into the 'Completed' list. You don't need to do anything else on Maji at this point.

On the activation date - the date when changes are due to be implemented in payroll - you will need to make the change in your payroll system and possibly also in your pension provider portal, depending on whether you have an integrated system. This will ensure that the change is reflected in the employees’ payslip and that the changed contribution goes into their pension.

The employees’ portal shows the updated pension contributions from the date they are due to be made in payroll. Note that, because the Maji system is not connected to your payroll system, once you approve a change, Maji will show the amount as having been changed even if you have not made the payroll adjustments. It is important that you make the changes to payroll on the activation date to ensure the information your employees receive via their Maji portal is accurate.

A summary of approved requests will be emailed to you each month and you can also download a report from the platform.

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