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How do I add multiple new employees?
How do I add multiple new employees?

Add multiple new joiners in bulk

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Add new employees (bulk)

If you want to add several employees at once, you will need to select ‘Add multiple’:

Download the spreadsheet and complete the columns.

Most of the columns are self-explanatory, but please note:

COLUMN L: ‘Employee is part of the pension scheme’.

If the employee has opted out OR is on postponement, they should be marked as ‘0’ (not part of the pension scheme).

COLUMN O: ‘Offer salary exchange’.

If you are switching your pension over to a salary exchange arrangement, you should mark all employees as ‘1’. If an employee is not eligible for salary exchange, Maji will tell you when you upload the sheet, and you will need to edit the sheet to set them to ‘0’ before reuploading the data.

COLUMN P: ‘Opted into salary exchange’

If you are running a consultation during which employees can opt out, set everyone in this column to ‘1’. This will give them the ability to opt out on the platform.


If you set this to ‘1’, the invitation will be automatically sent when you upload the spreadsheet. If you wish to send the email later, you should set this to ‘0’ and send the activation email manually from the employee panel when desired.

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