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Postponing new joiners on Maji
Postponing new joiners on Maji

How to deal with postponed employees on Maji

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If you postpone new joiners (i.e. you wait to enrol them into the pension scheme, up to three months after they start work at your company), you can now set them up on Maji as soon as they join.

You will need to mark that they are not in the pension scheme when you set up their profile.

(Note there is no longer any postponement setting on Maji, and you will not get a notification from Maji when their enrolment date is approaching.)

When their postponement ends, you will need to edit their profile to say they are in the pension scheme and confirm their contribution rates. You can also add them to salary exchange. If you would like to give them the option to opt out prior to being enrolled, you may wish to enable the pension scheme on their profile a couple of weeks beforehand to give them this capability.

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