If you've switched over to a salary exchange agreement, you may be wondering how to deal with new employees. You have two options:

  1. Employees have the chance to opt in once you have added them to both the pension and the Maji platform. If you postpone them, they should be invited to create their Maji accounts at the end of this period, when they have been enrolled into the pension scheme. They can use their Maji account to give consent to be switched into salary exchange.

  2. Employees are automatically put into salary exchange when they are enrolled into the pension. You must postpone new joiners if you choose this option - employees must legally be given six weeks to opt out. By sending their postponement notice through Maji, employees will be given a link to opt out quickly and digitally if they want to. You can then invite them to create their Maji accounts at the end of postponement as usual.

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